Water Connections

Water Connections

Water & Sewerage Certifiers

Water Connections is a private certifier accredited by Unitywater to assess and approve water and sewerage applications in parts of South East Queensland.

  • Moreton

  • Sunshine

  • Noosa

  • Logan

  • Ipswich

  • Brisbane


Water Connections accept water and sewerage applications for residential, commercial & industrial, small subdivisions and changes of use. However, we can only accept applications that do not involve 'truck' infrastructure, such as networks extensions.

From early 2018, Unitywater will start phasing out assessment of water and sewerage connections. These applications will be assessed by private certifiers instead. Please request your quote for the following services:

New Water & Sewer Applications (buildings)

Once you have lodged an application with Council, or you already have an approval, you can apply for your water & sewerage connection approval. This typically relates to Material Change of Use or accepted development where no DA is required (ie for some duplexes).

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New Water & Sewer Applications (land)

Subdivision of land needs a water & sewerage connection approval. Only minor connections can be assessed here, where there is no truck infrastructure required (such as the extension of network pipe).

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A common condition of development approvals is a requirement to provide a Unitywater Certificate of Completion. This is normally required prior to the commencement of a new use, for sealing a survey plan or registration of new titles.

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Change to existing approval (water & sewerage)

If the site already has a water & sewerage approval, but it needs changing, we can assess that for you. This could include changes to conditions, or changes to suit amendments to the 'higher order' planning or subdivision approval.

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